Looking at old pictures of Tru and man were his tear stains bad! They have gotten SO much better. I tried the Angel Eyes and a couple of other thing that didn’t work. I think what finally did it was feeding him a better quality food and he also gets sea dent, which is mainly for healthy teeth, but it may have helped as well.

My sisters boyfriend and his two boys were over tonight. Usually I put Jenna up, but tonight they played with her and she did great. This is Broden, and she adores him. She kept going over to him all night. She would sit and out when they told her to! They wore her out, which was so awesome.





I recently heard of a training method some people apparently use. Spitting in the dog’s mouth to show him you are the dominant one. The person even claimed this method has been used for hundreds of years.

… Who spits in their dog’s mouth? Seriously, I don’t get some people.

I saw this video a while ago and I was like what.

Ooh there it is. The video I posted is by this guy but omg what even…

NOPE. There is so much wrong with this video, even as someone who uses both both positive and negative methods, I can see that. This guy should absolutely not be making videos, or have dogs.

With that being said, can you imagine pulling up to this guy in your car and seeing him spit into his dogs mouth. That would be freaking crazy.