This video was posted on Facebook by a newstation where I use to live. I think they do a good job talking about warning signs that dogs give. I really like near the end of the clip when the kids are talking about their dog, an English Mastiff and the rules that they have to follow, like if the dog is ignoring them or walks away they are not supposed to follow or bug him.

Good job, Tulsa! :)

ooooh i wish more news stations would talk about this! i just saw a little boy get nipped in my parking lot the other day because no one told him to stop hopping around each side of the dog, and no one stopped him from grabbing her face and kissing her, then running to drum on her back end. she turned around and snapped at his hands and, naturally, everyone expressed surprise while the dog just stood there “i fucking told you that was about to happen”.

What a GREAT video!

Very nice. :)

Jenna discovered her reflection in the TV and thought the clear appropriate response was to bark at it. So fierce.